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Say It With Color

Say It With Color

Color can say it for you. Choosing the right color for your brand.

We recently worked with a client on a new logo design and we must admit, this is one of our favorite projects to tackle. When you start from scratch as a new business, building your brand starts with your logo as the center of the ‘universe’. And when you have an established brand that needs a refresh or complete overhaul, keeping with your brand guidelines while trying to achieve a new look can be a challenge to say the least. We happen to love these challenges. The many aspects of who you are as a company, what you stand for, who your customer base is, all play a major part in the design process. But aside from the overall concept; the next major player is color. We often forget how color affects people and how it can represent (or misrepresent) your brand. Some folks love a color simply because. We get that, we love blue around here personally. <p> <img src="bicycle.jpg" alt="colorful bicycle graphic."> </p>

But have you ever considered the importance of color in branding? Color plays a huge role in memory recall. It stimulates all the senses, instantly conveying a message like no other communication method.

Choosing the right dominant color for your brand is crucial. Check out some of the most common impressions popular colors convey:

Blue: Cool blue is perceived as trustworthy, dependable, fiscally responsible and secure. Blue is an especially popular color with financial institutions. 

Red: Red activates your pituitary gland, increasing your heart rate and causing you to breathe more rapidly. Count on red to evoke a passionate response.

Green: In general, green connotes health, freshness and serenity. Deeper greens are associated with wealth or prestige, while light greens are calming.

Yellow: In every society, yellow is associated with the sun. It communicates optimism, light and warmth. Certain shades seem to motivate and stimulate creative thought and energy. The eye sees bright yellows before any other color, making them great for point-of-purchase displays.

Purple: Purple is a color favored by creative types. It evokes mystery, sophistication, spirituality and royalty. Lavender evokes nostalgia and sentimentality.

Pink: Hot pinks convey energy, youthfulness, fun and excitement. Dusty pinks appear sentimental. Lighter pinks are more romantic.

Orange: Cheerful orange evokes exuberance, fun and vitality. Orange is viewed as gregarious and often childlike. Lighter shades appeal to an upscale market. Peach tones work well with health care, restaurants and beauty salons. 

Brown: This earthy color conveys simplicity, durability and stability. Certain shades of brown, like terracotta, can convey an upscale look. 

Black: Black is serious, bold, powerful and classic. It creates drama and connotes sophistication. Black works well for expensive products, but can also make a product look heavy.

White: White connotes simplicity, cleanliness and purity. The human eye views white as a brilliant color, so it immediately catches the eye in signage. White is often used with infant and health-related products.

Think about your brand and your current logo. What does it say about you? Are you ready for a refresh or do you need to start from scratch? Let Moon 38 help